Given the recent significant increase in the number of data breaches reported by both businesses and governments around the globe, many concerns still exist and solutions remain to be found regarding these potential threats of violations of privacy rights.

For an example, some internet users are questioning whether the increase in recent reports is due to a real increase in the actual number of attacks or are these events an indication that legal and regulatory requirements are forcing more reporting of these events.

Since it appears that these recent breaches are nearly impossible to prevent, are these breaches even worth paying attention to?

Our staff has reached the decision to agree with the perceived consensus from comments received from our readers as well as reviews of related content and reports – i.e. it is worth pursuing more understanding of these reported breach events.

Although the recent announcement (read more) by Lulz Security, the hacker activist group claiming credit for breaking into websites at Sony Corp., the U.S. Senate and the Central Intelligence Agency, saying that it’s ending a wave of cyber attacks that began almost two months ago, lends little feeling of comfort to those organizations and governments who have yet to get a real handle on how and when to be able to mitigate the threats from these data breach events, following this story and others like it, cannot be avoided.

To that point, then, our staff recommends reviewing a brief data breach quiz published and reported on by Tim Greene, and posted on the website.

This brief quiz can test your awareness of the breach problem … click here to take the quiz.

If applicable, and found to be interesting and relevant, please pass this information along to those information security and risk management team members in your organization.  It may also help to make your organization’s management and business continuity planning team members aware of this information, as well.

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