ASIS International — Invitation to Attend World’s Most Influential Security Events

ASIS International has led the security industry by providing up-to-the-minute education and strategic solutions to professionals around the world.  Both physical and information security professionals have benefited from these offerings for nearly sixty (60) years. Our staff supports ASIS International and encourages our readers to be aware of the following schedule of upcoming seminars and exhibits: ASIS-PAC in Macau, China – December 3-5, 2013 ASIS MIDDLE EAST in Dubai, UAE – February 16-18, 2014 ASIS EUROPE in The Hague, Netherlands – April 1-3, 2014 ASIS NYC in New York, … [Read more...]

Business Continuity in the Supply Chain Webinar on March 23, 2012

Derek Taylor from the Business Continuity Institute will be presenting a webinar entitled “Business Continuity in the Supply Chain” on March 23, 2012. Many of our readers recognize that today’s supply chains are multi-leveled, and very complex processes and operations that not only rely on the flow of produce and goods, but, more importantly, rely heavily on people, integrated information systems, infrastructure, transport and distribution networks.  And, if an interruption to any one of these processes occurs, there could most definitely be a delay or even full dis-continuity of the … [Read more...]

Business Continuity Management + Supply Chain Management = Supply Chain Continuity Management

Jan Husdal  is an often referenced writer on the topic of supply chain risk management -- and, our staff values his comments and ideas on this critical component of global business continuity. In addition, our staff receives many queries on the topic of supply chain management, and, several have requested a recommendation of a good book to address this topic. With those two thoughts in mind, our staff would like to quote a recent statement by Husdal regarding a book he had just reviewed on the topic --- Husdal states “…as far as I can see, this is the first book that explains in detail … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Officers Present Major Trends for 2012

  In Antwerp, Belgium, from 21-23 November, supply chain leaders from multinational companies debated and shared their thoughts, experiences and predictions about their organization’s supply chain’s potential to create competitive advantage and improve the bottom line while also mitigating the risks surrounding supply chain management dynamics in our ever changing global village. Some of the areas debated will affect many of our readers who face similar challenges wherever their organizations are located – and --- those major categories of debate forecasted as critical trends … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Risks and Resiliency Levels of the BRIC Economies

In a recent article written by Adam Leach and posted on the website, our readers are reminded that businesses in emerging economies (i.e. China and India) have very high economic risk exposures to natural hazards because these nations lack the capacity to really cope with the impacts from and the effects of major natural disasters. While that may seem to be just common sense logic, nonetheless, the BRIC group of economies – Brazil, Russia, India and China – all are expected to increase their share of economic output by +33% by 2020. And, therin may lie increased levels … [Read more...]

DoD Launches New Web Tool to Highlight Unified Cyberspace Strategy

To help supply chain vendors as well as users, in general, to explore the five pillars of  The Department of Defense’s (DoD) cyber strategy ---i.e. (a) treating cyberspace as an operational domain; (b) employing new defense operating concepts; (c) partnering with the public and private sector (PS-Prep Program); (d) building international partnerships; and (e) leveraging talent and innovation --- a new website was recently launched at the following web address . If your organization is a contracted resource within the supply chain of related vendors to the DoD, then … [Read more...]

Change Drivers in Cross-Border Supply Chains

Supply Chain Management remains a consistent growing concern on the list of business continuity management issues for global enterprise and even small and medium sized business entities.  This website receives several comments and requests to introduce more postings on this topic.  And, to respond to particular requests concerning supply chains, this website often turns to the website of Jan Husdal. Our staff research has indicated that it would be beneficial for our readers to discuss the topic of what supply chains might look like in the next 10-20 years, and what issues might have the most … [Read more...]

Global Supply Chain Planning Teams offered Free Search Tool to Assess Risk in Japan’s Disaster Recovery Zones

Dun & Bradstreet Corporation, a long-time and trusted provider of business information, has recently launched a free search tool that should help supply chain management and purchasing agents in their assessment of status and performance of members of their tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers. This search tool allows identification of companies located in the areas affected by the earthquake and tsunami which occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011.  And, as a result, is expected to help their companies in the assessment of their financial and business continuity both from the risk exposure of the … [Read more...]

Damaged Submarine Communications Cables in Japan —Yet another Global Supply Chain Issue to Address

Given the tragedies, threats and developing information that continues to occur in Japan because of the recent 9.0 quake, it seems obvious that business continuity and risk management teams throughout the world have to remain diligent and ready to review their existing BC/DR and business impact analysis (BIA) plans where subject to the effects of this tragedy.  Yet, with the added stress to supply chain management issues that also continue to result from this tragedy, it is certainly not a given that every company affected by this tragedy will be able to look at, re-evaluate and potentially … [Read more...]

Supply Chain Management and Future Value Chain Trends

The sponsorship alliance between The Consumer Goods Forum, the Capgemini Group, HP and Microsoft have recently released their most current report entitled, “Future Value Chain Trends 2020”, and, if you have supply chain management responsibilities for your organization, then you should add this report to your list of required reading. Of course whenever our staff comes across a supply chain related topic or story to share with our readers, then for sure, the name of Jan Husdal comes to mind.   This website often finds Mr. Husdal's writing on the  topic of supply chains  to be a … [Read more...]