Preparedness Tips for the Family

Preparedness is a journey, and we get there one step at a time --- Plan, Prepare, Prevail.  And, families are no exception to the need to be prepared for surviving a disruptive event or disaster. Make sure that you and your family have the latest information on preparedness … check out the updated KIDS sections of ….CLICK HERE. Here are some other links to add to your family’s reading resource file on disaster preparedness and readiness library….. KIDS …. Play games and test your knowledge and readiness levels. PARENTS … Get the whole family involved in … [Read more...]

Brookings Report Reveals Deeper Understanding of Current Disaster Response Trends

What would be your reaction if you were told that 2011 was a below-average year regarding both the number of disasters that occurred in that year as well as the number of people affected by those disasters? If you were somewhat skeptical of that claim, then you should read the full report just released by the Brookings Institution entitled “The Year that Shook the Rich: A Review of Natural Disasters in 2011”. In that report you will find many statements that might or might not challenge: (1)  the disaster preparedness activities that your family has decided to implement, (2) the … [Read more...]

ATT Becomes First U.S. Private Sector Company Certified to a DHS-Selected Standard under the PS-Prep™ Program

The DHS PS-Prep™ program has been on this website’s radar screen for quite some time, and, with the announcement of this press release by DHS regarding ATT’s certification to one of the standards selected by DHS under the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Program (PS-Prep™) an important step has been taken, as Secretary Napolitano states “…to further enhance the readiness and resiliency of our Nation." AT&T's certification is the first under the PS-Prep™ program, administered by DHS' Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The PS-Prep™ program enables private sector … [Read more...]

IS-317 Independent Study Course Now Offered by CERT

  Photo courtesy of ravica.comWhat better way to strengthen your personal preparedness skills in 2012, than taking advantage of a free self-learning course by your local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) which will help you and your fellow team members at work, or the community first-responders or disaster preparedness fellow members in your community be better prepared whenever facing a disruptive incident or event. "Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams", IS-317, is an independent study course, offered by CERT, that serves as an introduction to CERT for those … [Read more...]

Risk Management Efforts Lead to Earnings Stability — New Report Findings

Judging from comments this website continues to receive, organizational business continuity and PS-Prep strategy planning groups have a full time job reminding and/or convincing upper management to invest in proactive risk management practices throughout the entire organization. The results of a recent study entitled “The Risk/Earnings Ratio: New Perspectives for Achieving Bottom-Line Stability” may be just what the doctor ordered to shed some light on this topic --- especially, given the fact that many organizations today continue to reduce budgeted capital and other resources across … [Read more...] and Preparing Your Family

If you have not visited the newest version of the website in a while and if you are looking for ideas to add to your family’s preparedness planning projects --- then plan to visit this website soon. Judging from some of the inputs from our readers, the new “KIDS” section is well worth the time to visit. Click here  to help your family plan to deal with the potential disaster situations relevant to where they live, and where you work. If you are involved with your company’s HR department, or your communities readiness and disaster preparedness planning teams, please pass this … [Read more...]

Business Continuity and Risk Management on the Farm

To build awareness that emergency preparedness is important remains an elusive objective to achieve –even though most recently our news channels have reported on an earthquake centered in Virginia which shook the mid-Atlantic region, and, the fact that Hurricane Irene caused severe flooding and widespread power outages up and down the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. In a recent and related news article, David Filson, a Penn State Extension state program leader for emergency readiness and rural health safety, stated, “….if anything positive came out of the Virginia earthquake and Hurricane … [Read more...]

Resiliency, Education and Readiness Remain Strong Defense against Cyber Security Threats

If you are a member of a business continuity planning, disaster preparedness or information security team group in your organization or local community, no doubt the topic of cyber security and the many reported incidents of breaches by hackers into nearly every level of concern, cause a strong bias of worry in your ongoing BC/DR or information security planning meetings. In addition, any articles you may read today about cybersecurity debates, threats or policy will more than likely include strong bias of argument supporting a “prophecies of doom” approach including statements about an … [Read more...]

Business Continuity and the Importance of Insurance

An insurance policy is a legal contract of indemnity that transfers risk.   And to that point, insurance has long been regarded and continues to be a component player in the business continuity planning process for many if not all organization of every size. In a recent article written by Gary Hahn and posted on the website, a summary of the some roles that insurance does and does not play in risk management methodologies is presented and can be helpful input to the business continuity planning process. However, even in the best written and communicated business … [Read more...]

Risk and Looking Back on the Year 2010

While creating a totally complete and comprehensive list of all risk related events that occurred in 2010 would be impossible, our staff believes that a story written by Jared Wade, Emily Hollbrook and Morgan O’Rourke, recently posted on the electronic version of Risk Management magazine does a good job of doing just that, and, is worth reading. To read all of the stories of 2010 that defined the Year in Risk as defined by these writers above, please click here. If you have a special story that you believe defined the Year 2010 in Risk, please share it with our readership. Perhaps as your … [Read more...]