PS-Prep: NFPA Gets Nod from FEMA for Ready Business Update

It was recently announced that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has awarded a contract to update the web-based content of Ready Business --- which is a part of the website --- to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). For many of our readers who follow developments related to the PS-Prep program, this decision appears to have some relevance in that this effort by the NFPA will bring the content of Ready Business into alignment with the current (2010) edition of NFPA 1600 the Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs, which … [Read more...]

Private Sector Preparedness (PS-Prep) + Emergency Management = Critical Infrastructure’s Future in U.S.

In the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (the nation’s worst environmental disaster), governmental emergency management teams faced the reality that more effort is required to proactively begin building relationships with private-sector partners. In a recent article written by Austen Givens, entitled, “Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Is an Ominous Sign for Critical Infrastructure's Future”, you can review the methodology that Givens uses to make that strong case for the need to have our government’s emergency managers engaged with the private sector in cooperative … [Read more...]

PS-Prep Standards — How Do they Compare?

As many of our readers know, the PS-Prep program is a topic often posted on this website. Our staff provides access to many postings on the internet related to PS-Prep, and, recently, a posting available on the website came to our attention as something to be shared with our readership. The staff of writers organized a concise comparative chart between ASIS/BSI BCM.01-2010 with ISO 22301 and the existing PS-Prep recognized Standards (ASIS SPC.1:2009, BS 25999:2 and NFPA 1600:2010). This information would be a great additional … [Read more...]

PS-Prep and Utility Emergency Preparedness and Recovery

Donald Byrne, CBCP, CDCP, CBRO-M, Lead Auditor, Adjunct Professor, Boston University will be the instructor on a webinar conference recognizing how utilities can demonstrate preparedness through PS-Prep implementation.  The conference will also identify the financial and operational implications of the PS-Prep program, examine PS-Prep’s audit and certification components and analyze the business case for supporting the PS-Prep initiative.  The conference is sponsored by the Electric Utility Consultants, Inc. (EUCI) group and will be held on June 30, 2011 from Noon to 1:30 P EST.  For more … [Read more...]

PS-Prep — FEMA Requests Additional SDOC Input

Don Byrne, one of our contributing writers and special reporter on the topic of the PS-Prep program, reminds our readers that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued a recent request for Information (RFI) to support the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) National Integration Center (NIC) to inform the structure and management of a Self-Declaration of Conformity (SDOC) process for small businesses as part of the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness and Accreditation Program (PS-PrepTM).  This request is listed under … [Read more...]

Is PPD-8 Re-Creating the Wheel in Terms of Preparedness Policy?

Earlier this month this website published a posting regarding the April 8th release of the Obama Administration's Presidential Policy Directive-8 (PPD-8), and if you are on a committee or team in your organization which is evaluating or in fact implementing a preparedness directive such as a PS-Prep program; a workforce resilience study, or a business continuity plan to meet supply chain requirements, then adding this PPD-8 as a reference reading resource might be a good idea. If you have already done that or perhaps already read this PPD-8 directive, we would be very interested in hearing … [Read more...]

Is a Change Advisory Board Needed in Your Business Continuity Planning Process?

In response to a recent comment regarding the business continuity planning process, a suggestion was made to talk about the concept of a change advisory board (CAB) approach.  To that point, our staff suggests reading a recent article written by Patrick Gray and posted on the TechRepublic website.  Click here to read the full article. With the right people, a transparent decision-making process, and a focus on making good decisions as rapidly as possible, the CAB can be a very valuable tool in the business continuity or PS-Prep program strategy planning process for an organization. Add your … [Read more...]

PS-Prep Program Certified Lead Auditor Status Update

This website has published articles in the past about how to become a Lead Auditor in the PS-Prep program.  We have also held a webinar on the subject in summer 2010.  We recently came across this posting from ANAB and it reminded us that “Buyer Beware” is as much a valid statement today as it was 6 months ago.  The job market is tight and we know that many BCM practitioners are looking for a way to advance their careers.  However, at this point in time, there is no training class that has been approved which can certify you as a Lead Auditor in the PS-Prep program.  In fact ANAB goes on to … [Read more...]

Risk Management and Travel: Is Your Organization Doing Enough?

One of the threats that risk managers in many organizations overlook involves the need to design and deploy an effective travel risk management program.  And, with so many businesses now having global partners, supply chains and customers, it is becoming more probable that on any given day, their employees can be faced with a number of incidents that may threaten to jeopardize their trips or even their lives.  And, it is a reality that risks associated with travel have the potential to threaten a business’ bottom line and in extreme cases, put employee’s lives in life-threatening … [Read more...]

Business Continuity: Legislations, Regulations, Standards and Guidelines

This website is often asked about finding a single source listing or documentation about current legislation, regulation and standards that exist nationally and internationally for and about Business Continuity and the management of the same.  While we realize that because there are regular changes and amendments at a country level and often inconsistent terminology between countries, sectors and legislators, it is difficult if not impossible to provide a definitive list of those regulations and standards.  However, our staff would like to present for consideration a document organized and … [Read more...]