National Preparedness Goal Document Released

Business continuity planning teams know that the best risk mitigation effort against any threat to their organization works best when top management plays a leadership role in directing a balanced representation from the total organization to develop and implement appropriate defense strategies against any potential threats or disruptive events from happening to their organization. In a similar fashion, our government has instituted the Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) system of communication and leadership so as to direct and guide our Nation in its efforts to be prepared to address … [Read more...]

Preparedness, Response and Resilience Task Force Report Released by HSPI

In response to the recent disasters in the U.S. and Japan and the release of Presidential Policy Directive-8: National Preparedness (PPD-8), the George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute (HSPI) today released the Interim Report of its Preparedness, Response, and Resilience Task Force. While, the report urges policymakers in Washington to develop a shared—and actionable—vision of resilience, the report also includes information that would help organizations, communities and individuals to be better prepared for the unexpected. The Interim Report represents the first … [Read more...]

Is PPD-8 Re-Creating the Wheel in Terms of Preparedness Policy?

Earlier this month this website published a posting regarding the April 8th release of the Obama Administration's Presidential Policy Directive-8 (PPD-8), and if you are on a committee or team in your organization which is evaluating or in fact implementing a preparedness directive such as a PS-Prep program; a workforce resilience study, or a business continuity plan to meet supply chain requirements, then adding this PPD-8 as a reference reading resource might be a good idea. If you have already done that or perhaps already read this PPD-8 directive, we would be very interested in hearing … [Read more...]