Business Continuity, Workplace Violence and the Chemical MDPV

Aggression and violence in the workplace remains a potential threat to any organization, and as such, must be included in the risk mitigation element of your business continuity planning process. Steven M. Crimando, MA, CHS III, a contributing writer to this website, offers us an insight into a new “Legal” designer drug ---  (e.g. the chemical MDVP or methylenedioxypyrovalerone) --- that has now been associated with instances of Type III (co-worker to co-worker) violence. As Mr. Crimando points out in this referenced article, “…just as some psychiatric disorders are more highly … [Read more...]

FEMA Releases New Emergency Preparedness Planning Tabletop Exercises

Our staff recently came upon a new FEMA offering that will present a series of Tabletop Exercise presentations developed by FEMA's Private Sector Division and advised by FEMA’s National Exercise Division.  These exercises are structured on the Tabletop Exercise Design curriculum developed by FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute, as well as other FEMA/DHS training reference materials.  No announcement has been made regarding how many of these exercises will be made available as tools to enhance and advance an organization’s readiness levels regarding continuity, preparedness and/or … [Read more...]


by Steven M. Crimando, MA, CHS III Of all the risks we seek to mitigate, those involving human behavior can be the most difficult. Behavior in continuity planning is often referred to as the "X-factor", a wild card.  But, there is a good base of evidence in the behavioral sciences that can help us predict and prepare for how leaders and decision-makers, crisis team members, employees and their families may behave in different emergency scenarios. Such insight can greatly enhance policies, plans and even exercises, and, also help ensure that our assumptions about crisis-related behavior are … [Read more...]