Online Privacy Rights Remain Under Attack and Unresolved Issues for Many in 2013

In a recent article, posted by PC World and written by Melissa Riofrio, the topic of online privacy for individuals was addressed in the light of growing threats to that privacy predicted for 2013. And, while a debate may exist about the meaning of privacy between different generations of individuals, the fact is that the data any individual generates on the internet is still a rich trove of information that says more about you than you may realize --- not to mention that it is also a tempting target for marketers and law enforcement officials alike. This year, your online privacy faces … [Read more...]

Online Privacy Risks and Predictions for 2012

  Photo courtesy of intellicorpintouch.comWith 2012 now well on its way, online privacy related risks will become an important issue to information security and risk management team members in today’s global village of organizational inter-relationship activities, as well as, for the growing number of consumers who are relying more and more on online communication tools and applications to conduct their day to day purchases. As online businesses grew in 2011 – through innovative technologies in advertising, cloud services and mobile apps – the call for improved levels of online … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Recent Cyber Security Strategies Announced by the Pentagon

Given that so many organizations today continue to increase their dependencies on cyberspace activities to connect with their supply chain vendors as well as their customers, and, given the constant news reports surrounding the topics of potential cybersecurity related risks and threats to those organizations, it is with particular interest that our readership should pay attention to some of our government’s recently announced programs and strategies to strengthen levels of online privacy and security. One of those recent events involves a press conference held by the United States … [Read more...]

Security Threats of Social Media

As Chris Nerney, a writer for the Network World website, states, “…Enterprises need to take precautions to make sure that all employees practice safe social media….” However, Chris Nerney also quickly goes on to point out that while many enterprises do use social media to engage customers, build their brands and communicate information to those customers, it is important to remember that social media use by enterprises is not all about “liking,” "friending," "up-voting" or "digging." This article also goes on to explain reasons behind their listing of the top five (5) social media … [Read more...]

Online Privacy Concerns

Some of this website's recent postings, regarding the subject of privacy rights for individuals and organizations using the Internet, have resulted in increased reader viewing levels.  As a result, we would like to continue this positive trend and re-visit an earlier article written on this subject by Steve Lohr, and posted on the New York Times website earlier this year.  The article was entitled; “Redrawing the Route to Online Privacy”. Our staff believes it is worth a mention and potential addition to our recommended reading list on this subject.  Read the full article…. Please pass this … [Read more...]