DHS Releases New Cyber Document — “The Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future”

Many postings on this website involve the topics of cyber security, cyber warfare and cyberspace – and in particular, as to how cyberspace involves elements of risk management for individuals, organizations, communities and our government. All business continuity and risk management planning teams agree that cyberspace is vital to our way of life, and all must work to make this domain more secure—the safety of our critical infrastructure, the strength of our national security, our economic vitality and public safety depend upon it. To this point, the Department of Homeland Security … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Recent Cyber Security Strategies Announced by the Pentagon

Given that so many organizations today continue to increase their dependencies on cyberspace activities to connect with their supply chain vendors as well as their customers, and, given the constant news reports surrounding the topics of potential cybersecurity related risks and threats to those organizations, it is with particular interest that our readership should pay attention to some of our government’s recently announced programs and strategies to strengthen levels of online privacy and security. One of those recent events involves a press conference held by the United States … [Read more...]