BS25999 Continues to Influence Good Business Continuity Management Practice

Many questions come to this website concerning the request to be kept current regarding ongoing developments on international business continuity standards.  To that point and in a recent article written by David Adamson, entitled, “Ensuring Continuity with BS 25999 and ISO 9001”, and posted on the IRCA e-zine Inform website, we find a well written summary about the business continuity management standards currently in development along with additional information to answer that request. The focus of Mr. Adamson’s article certainly establishes the strong influence that BS 25999 has played in … [Read more...]

Risk Management: BS ISO 31000 vs. BS 31100

Several inquiries have reached the attention of our staff regarding BS ISO 31000 and its related code of practice BS 31100, since we recently posted an article regarding the Icelandic Volcano eruption as measured through the lens of ISO 31000. To respond to those requests, we would like to state that BS ISO 31000 is the international standard for risk management and provides principles and guidelines to the subject.  And, BS 31100 is a code of practice that compliments BS ISO 31000.  BS 31100 also gives additional guidance to risk management that is not covered in the international … [Read more...]

ISO 31000 Perspective of the Icelandic Volcano Crisis

One of our readers suggested that we follow up our recent blog posting entitled, “ISO 31000:2009 – New Risk Management Standard” with a reference to a related article written by Kevin W. Knight and posted on the International Standards for Business, Government and Society website. Kevin W. Knight AM* is Chair of the ISO working group that developed the new ISO 31000 risk management standard and the revision of ISO/IEC Guide 73, and a founding member of the Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Joint Technical Committee OB/7– Risk management, and the title of the article is “ISO 31000 and … [Read more...]