ISO 22301 – Does It Matter?

Continuity Insights and Fusion Risk Management, Inc. - together - will host a webinar entitled: "Trending ISO 22301 -- Does It Matter?" on Wednesday May 29th at 3:00 PM EDT. ISO 22301 is the first converged standard in the DR/BC Industry. As a result, it is gaining momentum and is certainly a trending topic. But what does it mean to you and your organization? Where does it provide leadership and best practice, and where does it present the obvious or represent compromise? Most importantly, what aspects provide direction for opportunities to improve your program and deliver business … [Read more...]

Free Webinar for ISO 22301: The New Standard for Business Continuity Best Practice

ISO 22301 is the new international standard for Business Continuity Management best practice, and provides organizations with a framework to manage risk and ensure that they can continue operations in any type of event. The standard will also give stakeholders and customers more confidence in the organization's resilience. In this free webinar, ISO 22301 expert John McGill will help you understand the ISO standard, why it's important, and how to plan for certification. This webinar is being offered Thursday,  May 23, 2013 at 11:00 AM-12:00 PM EDT. With his guidance, you will see how … [Read more...]

To Certify or Comply? — That is the Question Many Ask When Organizations Pursue a PS-Prep Standard

Lisa DuBrock, CPA, CBCP, MBCI --- a contributing writer to this website --- has recently written an article published in the Winter 2013 Edition of the Edison Electric Institute Newsletter --- which edition was dedicated solely to updates and stories about key business continuity issues in the electric power industry. The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is the association of United States shareholder-owned electric power companies. Its members serve 95 percent of the ultimate customers in the shareholder-owned segment of the industry, and represent approximately 70 percent of the U.S. … [Read more...]

ISO 22301 vs. BS 25999: Shared Insights

Over the last few months, our staff has been observing an interesting newsletter published by a business continuity planning services firm in South Africa.  The firm is called ContinuitySA and represents the increasing presence that business continuity planning, disaster preparedness and organizational resilience is already playing in South Africa ---- as well as the importance that continuity and compliance issues hold in the global village where so many of our companies serve their targeted markets. Our staff suggests including this newsletter as part of the suggested reading library for … [Read more...]

BS25999 to ISO 22301

by Lisa DuBrock In May 2012, the International Organization of Standards (ISO) released a new standard for Societal Security, ISO 22301:2012.  This standard is intended to provide the global continuity community a baseline standard for best practices in business continuity management systems. The new standard is expected in the near future to replace BS 25999-2:2007.  This standard developed by the British standards Institution is closely aligned with the Business Continuity Institute's – Good Practices Guideline. It is expected that in the near future, BS 25999 will be retired.  … [Read more...]

Business Continuity Management System Mapped to Related ISO Standards

With the recent release of the new ISO 22301 standard, our staff has begun to receive inquiries from our readers interested in pursuing certification of ISO 22301 --- but,  whose organizations may have already certification status in other ISO standards – and how would that relate to the pursuit of an ISO 22301 certification?  Or, can a BCMS be considered jointly with other management systems? While the answer to the question certainly requires more study and research regarding each individual organization, our staff would at least like to offer some response to those readers. To that … [Read more...]

ISO 22301 BCM Elements Mapped to Other Related Business Continuity Standards

The table below represents a methodology of how the ISO 22301 standard can be shown to be in relationship with other business continuity related standards regarding the creation of an integrated management system within an organization. The “BCM System Element” titled column in this table represents a listing of the normal components that more or less all business continuity management (BCM) standards propose to represent. All of the other columns attempt to list or identify where in each standard listed you will find in what section or chapter reference each basic BCM System Element is … [Read more...]

ISO 22301 Questions? Get Answers from the Experts.

As posted earlier, the ISO 22301 is now available for purchase and is expected to be a valuable resource opportunity for those companies seeking to improve their capabilities in support of achieving their business continuity goals and objectives. To further assist that process, the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and the British Standards Institute (BSI) have scheduled a joint webinar to hopefully answer some of the many questions that many of the organizations around the world are beginning to ask concerning this new ISO 22301 standard. A panel of leading international experts on … [Read more...]

BSI ISO 22301 Now Available for Purchase

In response to several requests from our readers, our staff would like to announce that business continuity managers and planning teams can now purchase the new international standard for business continuity management (ISO 22301:2012 "Societal Security, Business Continuity Management Systems Requirements") from BSI.  Click here to do so…. The BSI group references the standard as BS ISO 22301 and points out that this new standard identifies the fundamentals of business continuity management and provides a basis for understanding, developing and implementing a business continuity management … [Read more...]

PS-Prep Standards — How Do they Compare?

As many of our readers know, the PS-Prep program is a topic often posted on this website. Our staff provides access to many postings on the internet related to PS-Prep, and, recently, a posting available on the website came to our attention as something to be shared with our readership. The staff of writers organized a concise comparative chart between ASIS/BSI BCM.01-2010 with ISO 22301 and the existing PS-Prep recognized Standards (ASIS SPC.1:2009, BS 25999:2 and NFPA 1600:2010). This information would be a great additional … [Read more...]