Emergency Management Planning Guide — Useful Writing Tips

Often our staff tries to avoid a “re-inventing the wheel” approach when addressing inquiries from our readers.  To that point and answering several inquiries of “how do I?” organize an Emergency Management or Disaster Preparedness guide for where I work, and for where I live …our staff reviewed its inventory of past articles and disaster recovery materials and decided to focus on a recent project completed in the Santa Rosa County in the state of Florida. Knowing that emergencies and disasters can happen anywhere and anytime, the Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners supported and … [Read more...]

Emergency Preparedness and Native American Indians

Native American Indians are just as susceptible as any other Americans to disasters and emergencies ---and given many of the recent comments coming from our readers --- there is a strong indication that our staff needs to be more responsive to the needs of our Native American Indians --- especially when it comes to preparing for, surviving and recovering from a disaster or emergency situation or related incident. In fact, as the large majority of American Indians live on tribal lands located very often far away from urban centers there can be a strong potential for these communities to be … [Read more...]

Social Media — The New Face of Disaster Response

It is our staff’s assumption that many disaster preparedness, first responder or disaster recovery team members fully recognize the growing role which social media and its social networks play as the primary source of news and information when disasters occur. In a recent InfoGraphic, the University of San Francisco Online Master of Public Administration group organized findings from a variety of surveys which collectively bring home the fact that during disasters, social networks often replace 911 as the go-to source for help and assistance in many communities throughout the U.S. A … [Read more...]

Emergency Management Enhanced by Public-Private Partnerships

By:  Ben J. Carnevale, Editor This website has promoted the benefits of the Private Sector Preparedness (PS-Prep) program from the beginning of its existence, and continues to believe that the private sector is also a vital part of our country’s emergency management team response and disaster recover capabilities. Along with FEMA and DHS, we also believe that the nation's vast network of business, industry, academia, trade associations, and other non-governmental organizations are equal - and equally responsible - partners in nearly every phase of dealing with potential threats --- i.e. … [Read more...]

Prepare My Business begins 2013 Campaign of Free Preparedness Webinar Offerings

For the third consecutive year, the US Small Business Administration has joined with Agility Recovery to co-sponsor the Prepare My Business Campaign, a free educational resource for businesses of all types and sizes to become better prepared for disasters, both large and small. The 2013 campaign kicks off with the first of the free monthly educations webinars on January 15th called "2012 Year In Review: Valuable Lessons & Best Practices."  By registering and attending this free webinar, you can join Deputy Associate Administrator of SBA Disaster Assistance Joe Loddo and Agility CEO Bob … [Read more...]

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Month

President Obama has proclaimed December 2012 as Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Month to recognize the importance of protecting our Nation’s infrastructure resources and enhancing our national security and resilience. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) defines critical infrastructure  as”… the assets, systems, and networks, whether physical or virtual, so vital to the United States that their incapacitation or destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, national economic security, public health or safety, or any combination thereof.” The protection … [Read more...]

American Red Cross Mobile App Preparedness Tips

by: Ben J. Carnevale, Contributing Writer For those readers who reside in the path of Hurricane Sandy over the next few days, our staff offers a reminder of the many disaster preparedness mobile apps available from the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross has worked hard in transforming itself for the future – and just a small part of that great effort includes this series of disaster related mobile device applications available to everyone. Please check out the following disaster preparedness and disaster recovery mobile device applications: Hurricane App – this application … [Read more...]

Hurricane Sandy Postpones Continuity Insights New York Event

The Continuity Insights New York event planning team determined that its location was deemed to be too close to the projected path of Hurricane Sandy. Staying in continuous communication with the New York City Office of Emergency Management, the team at Continuity Insights made a timely and informed decision to postpone one of its major events of the year.  The new dates of the conference are November 12-13, 2012 and the event will still be held at the Hotel Pennsylvania. As pointed out by Luke Simpson, chief editor, “…First and foremost is the safety of our attendees, faculty and … [Read more...]

DHS Recognizes American Bar Association as PS-Prep Certified.

Upon being recognized by the Department of Homeland Security as the first non-for-profit organization in the U.S. to be PS-Prep certified for disaster preparedness and response under the Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Program, ABA President Laurel Bellows stated, “…our nearly 400,000 members and the public can rest assured that the ABA can recover from a severe business interruption and continue to serve their needs. The organizational resilience that disaster preparedness provides is critical in an increasingly unpredictable environment of global terrorism and frequent natural … [Read more...]

Catastrophy Modeling is a Business Focused on Risk

Recently our staff came across an interesting article written by Zahra Hirji a graduate student at MIT, and posted on the Earth Magazine website. This article is recommended reading for those disaster preparedness practitioners who may want to learn more about modeling potential catastrophes which have a reasonable probability of affecting the operations of their organizations. In her article, Zahra talks about the fact that Natural hazards — earthquakes, tropical cyclones and thunderstorms, for example — occur with considerable frequency around the world. Fortunately, however, most … [Read more...]