NetWars Cyber City Project Near Completion

Very soon (est. March 2013) construction on the NetWars Cyber City project will be completed. NetWars Cyber City is a small-scale city located close by the New Jersey Turnpike complete with a bank, hospital, water tower, train system, electric power grid, and a coffee shop, developed by the SANS Institute as part of a project to help train cyber warriors to defend against online attacks and teach them how to secure a city's vital physical infrastructure(s). This SANS project objective is best explained by the statement "….when you lose control of cyberspace, you lose control of the … [Read more...]

9/11 Must Always Be Remembered

Like most Americans, on this anniversary of the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, today our staff pauses to give special tribute to all of those heroes who perished on 9/11/01 While no other single event has come close to the devastation we endured on 9/11/01, we’ve since seen many other acts of terrorism committed, other attempted acts that have been thankfully foiled, and we now deal with the threat of terrorism in cyberspace, in addition to in public physical spaces, such as airports, train stations, large gathering areas. As a result, security leaders must assess and respond to … [Read more...]

DHS Releases New Cyber Document — “The Blueprint for a Secure Cyber Future”

Many postings on this website involve the topics of cyber security, cyber warfare and cyberspace – and in particular, as to how cyberspace involves elements of risk management for individuals, organizations, communities and our government. All business continuity and risk management planning teams agree that cyberspace is vital to our way of life, and all must work to make this domain more secure—the safety of our critical infrastructure, the strength of our national security, our economic vitality and public safety depend upon it. To this point, the Department of Homeland Security … [Read more...]

Virginia Tech Researchers Announce Release of Software that puts Smartphones under Cyberspace Lockdown.

Recently announced by a team of Virginia Tech researchers, a software application has been created to remotely put smart phones under lockdown.  In other words, smart phones can now be given permission to access sensitive data while in a particular room or location, but, when the smart phones leave that location, the data is completely removed from that smart phone. The potential uses of such software could be to assist keepers of medical records, parents who want to prevent their kids from “sexting”, or a military officer who could access secret intelligence while visiting a secure … [Read more...]

National Cyber Security Awareness Month this October

October 2011 marks the eighth annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month.   And, given the serious threat issues surrounding the topic of cybersecurity, it is important to note that every individual internet user, every community dependent on the internet, and every organization leveraging the use of the internet has an important role to play in securing cyberspace and ensuring the safety of themselves, their families, their communities and their work place environments online. This year’s National Cyber Security Awareness Month is sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) … [Read more...]

DoD Launches New Web Tool to Highlight Unified Cyberspace Strategy

To help supply chain vendors as well as users, in general, to explore the five pillars of  The Department of Defense’s (DoD) cyber strategy ---i.e. (a) treating cyberspace as an operational domain; (b) employing new defense operating concepts; (c) partnering with the public and private sector (PS-Prep Program); (d) building international partnerships; and (e) leveraging talent and innovation --- a new website was recently launched at the following web address . If your organization is a contracted resource within the supply chain of related vendors to the DoD, then … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Recent Cyber Security Strategies Announced by the Pentagon

Given that so many organizations today continue to increase their dependencies on cyberspace activities to connect with their supply chain vendors as well as their customers, and, given the constant news reports surrounding the topics of potential cybersecurity related risks and threats to those organizations, it is with particular interest that our readership should pay attention to some of our government’s recently announced programs and strategies to strengthen levels of online privacy and security. One of those recent events involves a press conference held by the United States … [Read more...]

Cybersecurity Issue-Related Reading

Individuals, communities, organizations, governments and nations around the globe are realizing in more ways everyday the significance of cybersecurity and the many ways that cybersecurity related issues are linked directly with economic stability. Recently, Greg Austin, V.P., of the EastWest Institute (EWI) stated the following observations in an interview posted on the Computer Weekly website: “…there is a big demand among leading corporations for new measures within government to secure cyberspace,” and “…we are seeing a rapidly dawning realization in foreign ministries around the … [Read more...]

National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace Policy Statement Released by White House

For those readers responsible for information or data security, privacy rights or crisis management surrounding threats in the cybersecurity environment, you might want to add a recent online privacy strategy policy just released by the White House to your team’s reading resource library list.   President Barack Obama just released a “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” document showing how the government will work with the private sector to develop what's described as an electronic "identity ecosystem" to protect privacy and curb online fraud.  It is anticipated that this … [Read more...]

Cybersecurity Matters Promote Skepticism at Global Conference

Just when we need more confidence from our global leaders regarding managing the risks related to global cyber-security and how it affects where we work and where we live, we are introduced to a report this week released by the EastWest Institute and the IT security conference held in the Spring of 2010 in Dallas, TX., ---and --- unfortunately, the news is not very encouraging. This international forum which began its cybersecurity initiative by establishing the Worldwide Cybersecurity Initiative in 2009 and then sponsoring “The First Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit: Protecting the Digital … [Read more...]