Business Continuity Suite Offering for Travelers Facing Unexpected Events

As a follow-up to one of our past articles concerning the ongoing business continuity and risk management objectives for organizations and their employees and how they are affected by disasters or incidents (e.g. the recent Icelandic volcanic eruption and crisis), one of our readers suggested that we revisit the topic and try to keep the attention and focus of our readers over the need to mitigate this risk management issue facing many organizations today. To satisfy that request, we would like to present a recent press release issued by the American Express that talks about and demonstrates … [Read more...]

Information Governance and Information Security

With more discussions and awareness now surrounding the topics of e-discovery, privacy rights, information security and regulatory compliance regarding corporate security, we wanted to bring our reader’s attention to an interesting blog entry that was posted earlier this year. The content of this entry was written and posted by Debra Logan, a member of the Gartner blog network and was entitled, “What Is Information Governance? And Why Is It So Hard?” If your company is just now dealing with and trying to write policies and procedures around the information security concerns in company e-mail … [Read more...]

Are Data Breaches Increasing or Decreasing in Number?

Most information security professionals argue over this question, but, usually agree that even if our government establishes a single data breach list requiring mandatory public reporting, a true measurement of data breach activity may always be a point of serious debate. With this level of potential ambiguity facing information security managers in organizations, and rather than trying to focus on a question without a clear answer, we recommend that they read/review the recently released 2009 Identity Theft Resource Center® (ITRC) Breach Report. The ITRC report used percentages to analyze … [Read more...]

Recent Gun Rights Advocacy Stances Should Be On Corporate Security Radar

Business continuity management team members must work very closely with their fellow internal corporate security team members concerning the recent activities and demonstrations by those supporting the “Open Carry” movement.  While we recognize that on the surface, it doesn't sound like much of a traditional security issue, as much as it is politics/NRA/second amendment topic, the potential is that  it certainly can develop into a real challenge for corporate security managers in companies across the United States. This topic was addressed very well in a recent article written by Goeff Kohl, … [Read more...]

Physical Security and IT Security Convergence: Myth or Reality

With so much emphasis today being placed on the need for cost reduction(s) in organizations, the topic of evaluating, implementing and executing plans for potentially integrating elements of IT and physical security is often raised as a primary way to eliminate redundancies and lower expenses.   However, we believe a strong element of caution is warranted before this step is taken. If your organization is considering this option or if your company is too small to have separate departments (i.e. CSO vs CIO) handling physical security and IT security, then a recent article written by George … [Read more...]

Continued Security Threats Predicted in 2010 Report

As business continuity planning teams approach the new year, the topic of cybersecurity remains high on the list of topics to address in 2010.  To address this risk managment priority,  we would like to discuss some of the findings stated in a recent report titled -- Trend Micro Annual Report:  The Future of Threats and Threat Technologies 2010.  We have cited the Trend Micro website before, and we continue to recommend it as a great reference and resource for your risk managment, business continuity, information technololgy and contingency planning teams.  While it is difficult to cover … [Read more...]