National Preparedness Month 2011 and DHS Releases 9/11 Commission Recommendations Progress Report

National Preparedness Month (“NPM”) is a month-long awareness and activism campaign occurring every September in the U.S. to improve the preparedness of our nation. The terrorist attacks of September 11th highlighted the need to increase preparedness activities across the nation and improve the nation’s ability to respond to and recover from disasters. As a result, FEMA, the Ready Campaign, and Citizen Corps founded NPM in 2004 as a way to work with organizations across the country to increase preparedness. In recognition of the 10th anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, this … [Read more...]

Business Continuity and Personal Emergency Financial Preparedness

In a recent article written by Elizabeth Zimmerman, Deputy Associate Administrator, Response and Recovery, and posted on the FEMA website, she states that, “ … disasters not only affect community infrastructure and public works, but they often overcome family finances, making recovery difficult and sometimes impossible.” To assist the personal and family preparedness components of the business continuity planning process, our staff recommends taking advantage of a renewed partnership between FEMA and Operation Hope, a non-profit public benefit corporation, whose mission is to enhance … [Read more...]

Citizen Corps Encourages Individual and Corporate Preparedness

As FEMA's PS-Prep program comes closer to being a reality in our country, for our companies and for our citizens, it is important to revisit the significant role that the Citizen’s Corps has and will play to ensure a more secure and safer homeland by being better prepared, trained and involved in the support of first responders. Many of our readers as individuals and as members of preparedness teams in organizations embrace the concept of personal responsibility to be prepared; to get training in first aid and emergency skills; and to volunteer to support local emergency responders, disaster … [Read more...]