Free Webinar Supports How Good Policies and Procedure Form Foundation of Strong Compliance Programs

Risk mitigation is a major challenge and, at the same time, an opportunity for risk management and business continuity planning activities. When it comes to events such as the HHS’ formal HIPAA Audit Program, as mandated by the HITECH Act, it is becoming more and more clear that an auditor’s first impressions and subsequent on-site visits, reviews and audits will be impacted by the content of the audited organization’s Policies and Procedures. How good are your organization’s policies and procedures? Policies set the stage and serve as an organization’s foundation and initial roadmap … [Read more...]

Business Continuity Plan Organizational Readiness Measurement Offering

Comments and questions regarding measurement of progress made in the business continuity planning process still come to the attention of our staff, and, a recent article written by Lee Glendon, CBCI may offer at least a positive step forward in trying to achieve that measurement process. We believe the point made by Glendon is that while many aspects of dealing with the human side of major disruption are already covered in an organization through health and safety and crisis management (BCMS) procedures ---however, the link between successfully dealing with these issues and still achieving … [Read more...]

More Potential Risks for Not Having a Business Continuity Plan Explored in BSI Webinar

If you are a member of a business continuity planning team in your organization, you may want to register to attend a free webinar meeting offered by the British Standards Institute May 3rd at 2:00PM EDT. The topic to be discussed is that of whether or not to have a business continuity plan in place at your company.  For many companies that decision is more often than not determined by a decision based on whether or not there is a mandate or contractual requirement coming from a major client or supply chain member to do so. This webinar will address an additional element of consideration … [Read more...]

National Severe Weather Preparedness Week – April 22-28 2012

As the nation marks the first anniversary of one of the largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are teaming up by naming the week of 22-28 April 2012 “National Severe Weather Preparedness Week.” NOAA and FEMA encourage the public nationally to "know your risk, take action, and be a force of nature" by taking proactive preparedness measures and inspiring others to do the same. While the type and severity of threats vary across FEMA's 10 Regions, the need to be prepared is … [Read more...]

2011-2012 Global Business Continuity Management Benchmarking Study Now Available

Risk management teams looking for additional resource information and research content to keep upper management informed about the key discipline of business continuity management (BCM) to better manage operational risk should read and review the new researched results from a report sponsored by Continuity Insights and KPMG. The 2011-2012 Global BCM Program Benchmarking Study, which surveyed 685 executives from over 40 countries, revealed varied levels of BCM maturity across organizations and identified opportunities for improvement through deeper integration with other disciplines within … [Read more...]

Business Continuity Benefits List Created by Results of a Recent Survey

Business continuity planning teams must always be ready to offer upper management a list of the benefits to the company gained from by having a current, tested and continually improving business continuity/disaster recovery plan.  As a result, our staff receives inquiries for assistance in organizing a list of benefits received from having a BC plan, and expressed in language meaningful to upper management. To fulfill that request our staff offers the results of a recent survey conducted by Continuity Central in the U.K. and recommends that this summary report of findings be added to the … [Read more...]

Join FEMA and NCP Free Webinar on Gaining Leadership Buy-in at the Executive Level

For those risk management and business continuity planning teams having difficulty getting upper management to buy-in to company BC/DR planning and support efforts, our staff recommends joining National Continuity Programs (NCP) and FEMA on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 and participate in a webinar titled “Gaining Leadership Buy-in at the Executive Level”. This webinar will focus on leadership buy-in as a critical element of effective and successful continuity planning. We will be introducing two speakers from the state level to share their effective experiences in gaining leadership buy in -- … [Read more...]

Brookings Report Reveals Deeper Understanding of Current Disaster Response Trends

What would be your reaction if you were told that 2011 was a below-average year regarding both the number of disasters that occurred in that year as well as the number of people affected by those disasters? If you were somewhat skeptical of that claim, then you should read the full report just released by the Brookings Institution entitled “The Year that Shook the Rich: A Review of Natural Disasters in 2011”. In that report you will find many statements that might or might not challenge: (1)  the disaster preparedness activities that your family has decided to implement, (2) the … [Read more...]

Disaster Recovery Efforts to Gain from New FEMA – AmeriCorps Partnership

So many organizations and communities across the United States need assistance to more effectively prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of disasters.  To that point, many business continuity planning groups have a strong reliance on help from organizations like DHS and FEMA in their primary and contingency plans.  Therefore, it is a positive bit of news recently released where and when the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) announced an innovative new partnership … [Read more...]

Business Continuity in the Supply Chain Webinar on March 23, 2012

Derek Taylor from the Business Continuity Institute will be presenting a webinar entitled “Business Continuity in the Supply Chain” on March 23, 2012. Many of our readers recognize that today’s supply chains are multi-leveled, and very complex processes and operations that not only rely on the flow of produce and goods, but, more importantly, rely heavily on people, integrated information systems, infrastructure, transport and distribution networks.  And, if an interruption to any one of these processes occurs, there could most definitely be a delay or even full dis-continuity of the … [Read more...]