Risk Management and An Employee’s Online Indulgences

An employee’s internet indulgence time at work or at home is a topic rarely discussed when organizations try to evaluate potential threats in a business impact analysis exercise.  Most often the topics of efficiency, productivity and corporate privacy policy surround any discussion regarding risk management planning around an employee’s use of the internet at work.  However, at the same time, we often read about the growing integration of organizational policies and procedures involving the internet along with the attempts to mitigate any and all potential risks associated in the relationship … [Read more...]

Privacy Enforcement Actions on the Rise

In February this year, federal agencies and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) announced significant privacy enforcement actions that have resulted in millions of dollars in fines.  Could a potential privacy enforcement storm be brewing? In the past, this website has consistently listed privacy violation findings as a risk management issue that could become a financial threat capable of “closing the doors” of a business. Our staff continues to stress privacy concerns, information security and the potential threats from cybersecurity dynamics as critical components every … [Read more...]

Damaged Submarine Communications Cables in Japan —Yet another Global Supply Chain Issue to Address

Given the tragedies, threats and developing information that continues to occur in Japan because of the recent 9.0 quake, it seems obvious that business continuity and risk management teams throughout the world have to remain diligent and ready to review their existing BC/DR and business impact analysis (BIA) plans where subject to the effects of this tragedy.  Yet, with the added stress to supply chain management issues that also continue to result from this tragedy, it is certainly not a given that every company affected by this tragedy will be able to look at, re-evaluate and potentially … [Read more...]

Business Continuity and Threats of Solar Flares

by; Lisa DuBrock, Contributing Writer and Editor The last time I did a BIA and risk assessment, I don’t remember considering the effects of solar flares in my analysis.  But apparently the sun has just recently had its largest eruption of solar flare activity in about 4 years.  In fact that solar storm occurred on February 14, 2011.  According to what I’ve been reading in both the Huffington Post  and ABC News accounts, the sun moves through cycles, where over time, there may be more or less solar flare activity levels occurring that would affect our planet earth.  The next peak of potential … [Read more...]

Risk Management and Travel: Is Your Organization Doing Enough?

One of the threats that risk managers in many organizations overlook involves the need to design and deploy an effective travel risk management program.  And, with so many businesses now having global partners, supply chains and customers, it is becoming more probable that on any given day, their employees can be faced with a number of incidents that may threaten to jeopardize their trips or even their lives.  And, it is a reality that risks associated with travel have the potential to threaten a business’ bottom line and in extreme cases, put employee’s lives in life-threatening … [Read more...]

Business Impact Analysis Webinar: Methods and Techniques that Work!

BIA's: Methods and Techniques that Work! The Association of Contingency Planners (ACP) ongoing educational webinar series continues with its next presentation: "BIAs: Methods and Techniques that Work!" Considered by many to be the most complex and expensive step in the business continuity planning process, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) afford a wonderful opportunity to provide tangible added value. Properly conducted, a BIA is like having an MRI of business. Processes are prioritized, workflows are detailed, inflows and outflows documented, and the contribution of each key process is … [Read more...]

Interactive Flood History Map of U.S. Now Available

With Spring season nearly upon us, floods are a real risk for many companies and a challenge for business continuity planners. To mitigate this risk, both business continuity and risk management  planners and/or consultants can help your company by performing an effective business impact analysis (BIA) of a flood impacting your business, and, hopefully develop and implement an effective proactive plan to minimize or mitigate potential losses from a flood actually happening and disrupting your business.   A good BIA analysis requires accurate and timely input of relevant data to be … [Read more...]