Few can argue against the statement that business continuity is a crucial component of supply chain management.  This website strongly supports this statement and is constantly looking for current information and resources to make the implementation of strong business continuity methodology an ongoing continuous improvement process within organizations. 

To support that BC methodoly, business continuity planning and implementation team members of those organizations must apply  BC management concept(s) to each of their supply chain management responsibilities and include a review of the status of BC in all of the ongoing risk assessment activities for both internal organizational compliance management questionaires as well as compliance audits of vendors in their supply chains.

With that objective in mind, we recommend viewing the Supply Chain Risk website organized by Jan Husdal as time well spent for growing your resource library with relevant information to assist the risk mitigation process surrounding both local and global potential supply chain management threats to your organization.

Click here to view and access the resources posted on the Supply Chain Risk website.

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