Has your organization integrated business continuity criteria into in its supply chain management process?  Does your company integrate a vendor’s business continuity capability as part of its procurement process with that vendor?  Did you know that your organization could also be held liable for not taking action to mitigate potential losses because of the type of information that you will collect from a vendor continuity capabilities questionnaire in order to assess vendor continuity capabilities?

Click here to learn more about integrating business continuity solutions, criteria and planning processes  into your company’s supply chain by reading a recent article written by Geary W. Sikich, and posted on the Supply&Demand-Chain website.

About the Author: Geary W. Sikich is the author of It Can’t Happen Here: All Hazards Crisis Management Planning. Sikich, founder and a principal with Logical Management Systems, Corp., based in Munster, Ind., and consults on a regular basis with companies worldwide on business-continuity and crisis management issues.

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