The sponsorship alliance between The Consumer Goods Forum, the Capgemini Group, HP and Microsoft have recently released their most current report entitled, “Future Value Chain Trends 2020”, and, if you have supply chain management responsibilities for your organization, then you should add this report to your list of required reading.

Of course whenever our staff comes across a supply chain related topic or story to share with our readers, then for sure, the name of Jan Husdal comes to mind.   This website often finds Mr. Husdal’s writing on the  topic of supply chains  to be a valuable resource to pass along to our readers —this story is no exception.

Aligning your organization’s supply chain strategies with global trends within the supply chain dynamic will help your organization achieve maximum efficiencies, higher  levels of organizational resilience, a stronger disaster preparedness methodology and ultimately, better serve its targeted global markets on time and on budget.  This is certainly no easy task.   However, including this report in your organization’s  supply chain and business continuity planning process will certainly be more than just a good start in achieving those objectives.

Check this report out one or all of the following ways:

Visit the website for a quick summary and list of related links … or

 Download the full report … or

View a quick video posted on the homepage of the Future Value Chain’s 2020 website — it does a nice job of summarizing the reason for the report, its background, and,  its importance to the supply chain management planning process.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those supply chain, business continuity or risk management team members in your organization.  A strong resilient supply chain management plan and process  is a major component of an effective business continuity plan.

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