With so many of our information security team members, we constantly hear about the difficulty of keeping up with so many technology advances.  For many organizations, protecting against information security breaches along with maintaining the privacy rights of their employees remains an ongoing challenge.  And, unfortunately, even given the intensity and importance of those objectives, many information security specialists don’t think enough about digital devices until something goes wrong, or it’s time to renew an anti-virus protection subscription.

In an article, written by Bill Snyder, and posted on the CIO website, this issue of dealing with the digital device threat landscape is addressed where Mr. Snyder presents five current facts that many information security specialists, security audits and consultants may be unfamiliar concerning digital security, but, need to be discussed and mitigated as the information security risk surrounding them is real. 

Those facts presented by Mr. Snyder are as follows:

  1. Your cell phone is not a juicy hacking target.
  2. Virus writers ignore Apple Macs and iPads.
  3. The amount of malware is waning.
  4. Free security software is wimpy.
  5. Firefox is much safer than Internet Explorer

To get more information and details about how Mr. Snyder debugs these myths and helps to address the reality surrounding these potential information security risks, please read the full article.

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