Social networking has long been suspected as being a potential information security threat for business.  And, in a recent Security Threat 2010 report from Sophos, it was announced that after an analysis of all the submitted survey data in this report, businesses believe that social networking  poses one of the biggest threats to information security for their organizations.

The Sophos report lists the order of the top three threats from social networking to be from Facebook (the highest), followed by MySpace and Twitter.  Only 4 percent of the survey results named LinkedIn as a security threat.

An article on this topic was recently written by Carrie-Ann Skinner, and published on the PC World website.  This article expands on the findings of the Sophos report, and, has some interesting links to help your business continuity and risk management team members stay current on this important security system and otherwise enterprise security risk topic. Click here to read Carrie-Ann Skinner’s article.

Another resource for addition to your team’s information security risk library of reading might be two interesting blog entries by Graham Cluley  as also published on the Sophos website, entitled: (1) “Do You Support Facebook’s Proposed Privacy Policy Changes?”  and (2) “Facebook Privacy Settings: What You Need to Know”  

With Facebook reported as the highest social networking potential risk to many organizations, the information provided by Graham Cluley should be required reading for those security analyst members of any company’s risk management teams responsible for writing and enforcing internal information security policies and procedures. 

Click here to read blog entry #1 and click here to read blog entry #2.

All of the referenced websites above also include many connecting links that offer additional resource materials — please let us know if this referenced information has helped your organization deal with its own real world social networking risks …..Thank you.

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