In a recent article written by Upasana Gupta, Contributing Editor and posted on the HealthInfoSecurity website, a recommendation and reminder was given “…to think twice, the next time a contact tries to “friend” you – It may turn out to be an undercover fed looking to scrutinize your employment history or examine personal references.” 

While this may be no surprise to many of our readers, it must be emphasized that not all of our readers are aware of this social networking risk, and certainly there exists a large population beyond our readership where safety tips in social networking behavior are very much needed. 

This website tries to keep our readers current on this  personal privacy rights and information security issue not only for themselves but also for the way that their participation may affect the organizations where they are employed. 

Some tips for ensuring online safety mentioned and offered by this article include:

  • Use Good Judgment
  • Know Your Contact
  • Do Not Tag Photos
  • Change Your Passwords
  • Know Your Privacy Settings
  • Be Consistent
  • Avoid Controversial Statements.

While so much of this advice seems to be “common sense”, this topic of information security still remains one of the top risk management issues for organizations and individuals alike.

Do you have any additional safety tips you would like to share with our community?

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