President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation to formally kick off this year’s National Preparedness Month and its theme “A Time to Remember, A Time to Prepare”.  Click here  to view the full proclamation.


Take advantage of this opportunity for your family, your community, and where you work — there is no better time to prepare for a disaster than RIGHT NOW!

Take Action

Join the many organizations that pledge to prepare by signing up as a National Preparedness Month Coalition Member.

Educate Others

Help teach and inform others what to do before, during and after disasters occur to your family, in your community and at where you work.

Promote Opportunities

Help introduce others to the many available resources for disaster preparedness and recovery, such as, Citizen Corps and CERT.

Share Information

You can play an important role in informing the public on how to get prepared by introducing them to  NPM Discussion Forums and making them aware of the disaster preparedness events in their by viewing the Calendar page on the NPM 2011 website.

Please begin by sharing this information with others…..

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