As previous postings on this website have indicated, the topic of cyber security threats rank highly in most business impact analysis and risk assessment analysis reports written by most organizations (if not all of them).  The concern to mitigate those threats remains an ongoing and increasingly difficult challenge for information security professionals around the world.

Today, a stand-alone desktop software tool to assess the cybersecurity status protection of internal control system networks is now available free of charge from the US-CERT division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This tool is called the Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET), and was developed under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Control Systems Security Program (CSSP).

It was also recently announced that CSSP provides “over the shoulder” training and guidance to assist asset owners in using CSET — also at no charge.

If your organization is a small to mid-sized company, the need to address this cybersecurity risk mitigation activity may be well beyond your organization’s ability to fund or staff properly to do so.

Click here  to download a summary CSET Assessment Fact sheet.

Click here  to learn more about this valuable information security measurement tool and how it might help your organization.

If your organization already uses this tool, please share your experiences and opinions about the tool with our readership.

If applicable, please share this information with those information security and risk management teams in your organization.

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