April 19, 2014

E-Discovery Newsletter of Notable Cases and Events

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In its ongoing effort to provide current and relevant updates regarding developments in the field of e-discovery, our staff would like to recommend a reading of the Sidley Austin LLP firm's current newsletter written by its in-house “E-Discovery Task Force” group. This group from Sidley Austin LLP works to stay abreast of the shifting legal landscape surrounding e-discovery. The most current update addresses the following recent developments and court decisions involving e-discovery issues: 1. A Northern District of Illinois ruling sanctioning a defendant company for failing to … [Read more...]

ASQ Northern Virginia Section 0511 Meeting Announcement

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The larger the organization the more likely it is that there are written instructions about how things are done within that organization. This makes sure that nothing is left out and that everyone is clear about who needs to do what, when and how. When an organization systematizes how it does things, this is often known as a management system. With that thought in mind, it is not surprising to notice that ISO Management Systems are becoming increasingly popular with risk based standards for Information Security, Service Management and Business Continuity. How do these standards (along … [Read more...]

Cyber Risk Management App Offers Help in Keeping Ahead of the Curve in a Rapidly Changing Cyber Threat Landscape

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As one of the risk management options mentioned in an earlier cyber insurance related posting on this website, our staff would like to recommend the CyberEdge Mobile App for the iPad to cyber security risk management team members where you work. AIG “Cyber Risk Report 2013 This CyberEdge Mobile App was developed by the American International Group, Inc. (AIG) in response to a recent AIG survey and report, where it was found that 80% of executives and brokers find it very difficult – if not sometimes nearly impossible – to keep pace with defending against and mitigating risk related to cyber … [Read more...]

Cyber Security and Its Importance to an Organization

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For quite some time, business continuity professionals have been associating Cyber Security as an important Business Continuity Planning (BCP) concern, but, like so many other issues in the world of BCP, without full buy-in from upper management (or the Board of Directors), it will be almost impossible to truly implement effective Cyber Security policies, plans and procedures throughout any organization. With that point in mind, and to assist the process of increasing cyber security awareness in your company’s upper management, our staff recommends reading an article written by Edward B. … [Read more...]

NIST Offers Free Download of SP 800-53, Rev 4

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has now made available the Final Release of SP 800-53 Revision 4, Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations – representing the most comprehensive update to the security controls catalog since its inception in 2005. This update was motivated primarily by the expanding occurrences of cyber security threats – looking at the increased sophistication of those cyber-attacks; the growing frequency of such attacks; the professionalism of the attackers, and the persistence of targeting by … [Read more...]

Online Privacy Rights Remain Under Attack and Unresolved Issues for Many in 2013

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In a recent article, posted by PC World and written by Melissa Riofrio, the topic of online privacy for individuals was addressed in the light of growing threats to that privacy predicted for 2013. And, while a debate may exist about the meaning of privacy between different generations of individuals, the fact is that the data any individual generates on the internet is still a rich trove of information that says more about you than you may realize --- not to mention that it is also a tempting target for marketers and law enforcement officials alike. This year, your online privacy faces … [Read more...]

E-Discovery Predicted to be Business-Critical Operation in 2013

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The topic of e-discovery continues to become an important area of enterprise risk management focus and is an area which our staff continues to monitor.  It is with that thought in mind, that brought our staff to recommend a recent posting by Aiith Samuel. Samuel's posting addresses trends and predictions for 2013 in which Samuel summarizes, “…e-discovery practices in 2013 will now involve other critical functions, including information governance, records management, social media and cyber-security, just to name a few.” Of the many postings reviewed regarding e-Discovery trends or … [Read more...]

NIST Updating SP 800-53 Information Security Guidance Document

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Many of our readers – especially associated with government contracting -- may not know that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is now a step closer to publishing its 4th version of one of its premier information security guides --- i.e. Special Publication 800-53: Security and Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations. More specifically, on Feb 5th 2013, NIST issued the final public draft of the guidance, seeking comments from the public as NIST will then publish the final version of SP 800-53 Rev 4, --- expected sometime this month of … [Read more...]

Cyber Insurance, Data Privacy and Information Security 2013 Trends Report

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An exclusive 2013 report funded and released by the Cyber Data Risk Managers group offers the opinions of top industry regarding experts on what they think, feel and should happen in 2013 as it pertains to Data Privacy, Information Security and Cyber Insurance, as well as, what steps can be taken to mitigate risk(s) surrounding these cyber security related potential threats. A short summary of some of those observations and trends reported are: Inadequate security measures on government and private sector networks, critical infrastructure and telecommunications represent perhaps the … [Read more...]