Size does not matter when it comes to maintaining business continuity in light of security threats.

In a recent article written by Tom Collins, and posted on the Security website, this topic is addressed and is one we recommend to be added to the library of reading materials by our business continuity and security threat management community of readership.

In his article, Mr. Collins lists some of the key mistakes made by companies regarding their maintenance of ongoing business continuity and IT security readiness levels within their organizations:

  1. My data is secure; I have it backed up on-premise”
  2. “I just bought a new PC, so I already have the latest and greatest security software loaded.”
  3. “I installed new security protection software in the past couple years or so.”
  4. “ I have to update my browser and operating system(OS) security patches myself, and I just do not have the time.”

If your company entertains any of these common culprits of business continuity threats, you will want to read the entire article to view more of the detailed advice and findings presented by Mr. Collins.

Many business continuity and risk managers will encounter many threats in their careers.  We challenge them to learn from their mistakes and from the mistakes and advice offered by others who share that knowledge with websites like

Therefore, we hope you keep visiting this website and others like it to stay current and updated on this critical subject for your organization.

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