One of our readers, who is a member of the business continuity planning committee for their organization, submitted the following suggestion for posting on our website. 

A recent addition to the WIRED magazine’s resource list is a Danger Room website link.  The information on this website may be a great additional resource for the reference libraries of those members of business continuity, risk management, physical security and network security teams trying to be as proactive as possible to strengthen the organizational preparedness levels of the companies where they work.

Danger Room correspondents deliver boots-on-the-ground reporting from war zones, danger zones (like Haiti) and power zones (like Washington, D.C.).

From wonder weapons to secret jails to leaked military documents, Danger Room could be your 24/7 source for news, articles, and data about what’s next in national security and how that information might have an impact on your organization.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those disaster preparedness, organizational readiness and resilience team members in your company.

CLICK HERE to view the website – or, on TWITTER: @dangerroom.

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