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The distinguishing lines and points of differences between physical and technical or network security are becoming harder to find – in fact, the convergence of these areas of security disciplines has been happening at an accelerated rate for nearly ten years.

And, given the escalation of threats facing many companies today, there is a strong belief that this continued convergence of security disciplines may in fact be causing potentially new challenges for businesses, consumers and the “average person” having to respond to such security related  risks or threats in a timely manner.

The kinds of threats many companies, communities and individuals are falling prey to could be coming from hackers, cyber criminals, thieves, or just plain criminals – and, these threats could include everything from physical security threats at home, at work, at school and in their neighborhoods to cyber security issues such as persistent cyber threats or cyber-attacks, network attacks, theft of information and intellectual property, identity theft to actual cyber terrorism acts.

To assist in the risk mitigation process against these threats or risks, our staff would like you to point you to a recent web posting announcing the launch of the “Security Central Exchange”, which is a central kind of portal point on the internet to bring security minded people, products and professionals together to help improve their security posture against such security related threats.

If this is sounds like something that would like to learn more about and perhaps could be valuable to you, your community or where you work, then click here to read more…..

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