Risk management team members reading about so many recent information security breach announcements must truly be concerned with their capability to address and mitigate these actions as potential threats affecting their own organizations, their communities and their families.  However, as Andreas M. Antonopoulos, writes in a recent posting on the Network World website, “….you might think the sky is falling … but we may fail to notice the really important security lessons that can be learned.

To the point that there is a need to regain a new perspective on this dynamic, a quick summary of the perspectives raised by Mr. Antonopoulos are listed as follows:

1. Not all attacks are equal.

    2. The sky is not falling.3. The internet matters more.
    4. Cybercrime will be with us forever.

5. Architecture matters.

    6. Security by obscurity fails.
    7. Two-factor authentication works.

To help you regain a better perspective on your security problems, read more …..

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