In a recent article written by Derek Slater, and posted on the CSO: Security and Risk website, we are offered a baseline model of a dashboard made up of a collection of key feeds that could affect the security and continuity of your organization.

Many of our readers have requested information as to how to streamline the process of awareness regarding information, and current developments relevant to their responsibilities to meet their organization’s IT and physical security, business continuity and disaster preparedness requirements.  We hope this information will satisfy at least some of those requests.

Click here  to check out the new CSO Daily Dashboard and read more  of Derek Slater’s article for more ideas and tips that with some modifications may work well for your own organization.

Please pass this information along to those individuals in your organization who are responsible for information technology security, physical security, continuity management, business risk assessment and disaster preparedness.

Can you share any of your ideas regarding modifications, additions, or changes to the CSO Daily Dashboard that you would like to see implemented?

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