In a recent posting, entitled, “Don’t Let a Disaster Wreck Your Business“, U.S. Small Business Administrator, Karen Mills says, “… it would be wise for small businesses to prepare for tomorrow’s disaster today”.

Mills also goes on to say, “There is a tendency to think that a large-scale disaster is not going to happen ‘where I live’. The reality is that storms, floods, earthquakes, fires and man-made disasters can strike anytime and anywhere. Planning ahead for your own post-disaster recovery is a good step toward protecting your family, your business and your community.

A strong message from the posting is that business continuity planning doesn’t have to be expensive and to help prove that message, it offers some of the following quick-start ideas for savvy business executives:

• Recognize business impacts by analyzing and documenting critical processes and calculating potential effects.

• Assess all risk by determining organizational threats and implementing controls to mitigate the risks.

• Communicate with employees to ensure that mission-critical staff knows what to do, how to do it, what to say and to whom to say it in a crisis.

• Select communication technologies that can work in both normal and stressed environments, ensuring that emergency operations are executed as smoothly as possible.

Read the entire posting.

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