Readers of this website know that we have often referenced many information security related postings from the Sans Institute.  For those readers who are particularly focused on the more technical aspects of information security, we now offer a link to the weekly posted Sans’ @RISK: The Consensus Security Vulnerability Alert(s).

@RISK is the SANS community’s consensus bulletin summarizing the most important vulnerabilities and exploits identified during the past week and providing guidance on appropriate actions to protect your systems (PART I). It also includes a comprehensive list of all new vulnerabilities discovered in the past week (PART II).

We recommend that reading the information from  this link should be added as a procedure for your organization’s  IT technical team members — that it also be included in your IT’s information security policy and be  monitored by your organization’s internal information security and privacy control team members.

Click here to read the current Volume: IX, Issue: 17, April 22, 2010 Consensus Security Vulnerability Alert SANS Report.

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