This website is concerned with more than just organizational continuity and compliance concerns.  We are always focused on the importance of preparedness and the critical role that it plays in the lives of people – whom we believe are one of the key assets of all organizations.  And from time to time, we come across a content link that we believe supports that preparedness and personal safety message to our readers. It is a message that should help people do something important.

Lisa C. DuBrock, one of this website’s contributing writers and editor, found a video link that speaks to the ultimate goal of personal preparedness – embracing life itself — and does in fact support the need for personal preparedness and safety.  

Lisa goes on to state, “A client of mine recently sent me a link to an incredible public service announcement (PSA) produced in the UK.  The PSA has been running for about 3 months now, but I confess it was the 1st time I’ve seen it.  The PSA is titled ‘Embrace Life’.  The point of the message, always wear your seat belt.  In today’s busy world, when we all seem to be rushing to something or from something, it is a very poignant message that clearly points out that sometimes it only takes a second.  The message itself is beautifully crafted and elegant in its simplicity.  If you haven’t already seen it, take a minute or two to watch this piece done by a reporter.  Let us know what your reaction was to the PSA which is embedded in the video.” 

We also ask your kind consideration on the fact that this link to CNN unfortunately has a few seconds commercial intent that you have to view to get to the “Embrace Life” segment, and we want to clearly state that this website is not connected in any way to any commercial advertising message viewed on this site. 

Click here to see the “Embrace Life” video.

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