The accounting and consulting firm of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, recently released its latest annual CEO survey report and can be viewed by clicking here.

Along with business continuity and risk management teams, we believe it is also good for supply chain managers and executives to have at least a good feeling of where the CEO of their organization sits regarding their support when it comes to business continuity, risk and supply chain management.  This survey helps to better understand what the average CEO is thinking about relative to these critical areas of organizational risk.

CEOs, not unexpectedly, have many business concerns, a number of them supply chain related.  And, to no one’s surprise, reducing operating costs remains the number 1 initiative on the CEO’s plate

The report cites at least the following other major categories of concern:

  • Energy Costs: 54% in 2010 versus 50% in 2009  
  • Potential Protectionism as a Barrier to Trade: 49% in 2010 versus 39% in 2009 
  • Climate Change Issues: 37% in 2010 versus 26% in 2009  
  • Scarcity of Commodities: 35% in 2010 versus 30% in 2009
  • Supply Chain Security: 35% in 2010 versus 33% in 2009

If your organization is facing some critical strategic decisions this year regarding outsourcing and supply chain management issues, then we recommend for you to not only read the entire survey report, but also view a good synopsis of the highlights of the report, written by the Supply Chain Digest editorial staff and available for viewing by clicking here

All of this information should also be added to your organization’s in-house reference library for future use.

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