One of the threats that risk managers in many organizations overlook involves the need to design and deploy an effective travel risk management program.  And, with so many businesses now having global partners, supply chains and customers, it is becoming more probable that on any given day, their employees can be faced with a number of incidents that may threaten to jeopardize their trips or even their lives.  And, it is a reality that risks associated with travel have the potential to threaten a business’ bottom line and in extreme cases, put employee’s lives in life-threatening situations.

Travel risk management plans should be included in your organization’s business-impact-analysis (BIA) review process so that your business continuity planning processes, policies and procedures can be more effective in keeping the doors of your business open in the event of having to face an unplanned disruptive event related to travel by its employees.

To raise your awareness and assist your risk mitigation efforts on this topic, we would like you to read an article recently posted on the website, entitled: “How to Design and Deploy an Effective Travel Risk Management Program”.  The article was written by D. Bruce McIndoe.

Click here to read Mr McIndoe’s full article.

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