Is your cybersecurity risk management and information security team planning around a potential “wikileaks” event against your organization?  Certainly and most probably not if you are a small business entity, however, for enterprise and multi-national global entities it appears that WikiLeaks has emerged as a viable new threat to data security for those organizations.  Does your business continuity planning team’s business impact analysis report include this potential risk?  Yet?

As Liz Andrews states in a recent posting on the OpenPages website, “…until now the United States government has been the central target of WikiLeaks attacks, however, with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s recent claim to be ready to release corporate secrets in early 2011, organizations everywhere are faced with a looming risk management challenge that is not likely to dissipate anytime soon”.

Do you agree with this position?  Read more of Ms. Andrews’ beliefs on this potential threat topic…

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