Many of our readers inform us that as risk management team members in their organization, communicating the concept of business continuity and/or risk management remains a constant challenge for them —  i.e., to both fellow employees in their organization as well as to friends and associates, when telling them about what they do at work.

Our staff agrees that explaining risk management as a critical concept in the business continuity and/or organizational resiliency plan of their organization is an ongoing task that must be not only be communicated well but also must be continuously monitored and re-evaluated as risk environments can change very suddenly and without notice.

Whether you were simply promoted into your risk manager position, or you arrived in that position without any formal training  – i.e. you got there by accident—this website would like to offer a lighter side to the seriousness of dealing with the subject of risk management.  We ask our readers to view a YouTube video from an episode of Seinfeld addressing how George Costanza had to learn about risk management when working for the New York Yankees. 

Hopefully, after viewing this video you may have a better understanding of the fact that for many people this Seinfeld episode was and still may be the only exposure they ever had to the risk management concept.  We also would hope that this video clip will help you to gain more attention to the more serious subject of risk managment and in the end present an opportunity for risk managers to better address the critical importance  that risk management plays in the resilience of organizations.

As a result of viewing the video, our readers may then want to go back and revisit those individuals whom they tried to educate before regarding risk management and now ask them the question “How much of “George Costanza” is still in them and their understanding and knowledge of risk management“? 

Click here to view the complete video clip. 

We do advise that this website cannot assume any responsibility for and violation of privacy  issues received by our readers when linking to the YouTube website.

As always we welcome your thoughts and comments on this posting and we ask that you please pass this information along to those risk management team members in your organization.

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