In a recent article written by Kevin M. Quinley, entitled “Avoid These Seven Traits that Will Sink Your Risk Management Program!”, the topic of organizational crisis management in the context of product liability is addressed from an interesting adaption of consultant Jim Lukaszewski’s presentation identifying seven behaviors that spell trouble when it comes to how an organization will act when faced with an unexpected crisis or disruptive event.

Quinley’s article should focus our readers’ attention on several perceived typical reactions by organizations when faced with a disruptive event — like a product liability claim or law suit.  And, by learning from this information, it could be a first important step for an organization to take toward building a strong corporate risk management and mitigation plan against these potential threats.

A quick summary of those typical reactions expressed by both Llukaszewski and Quinley are:

  1. Denial
  2. Victim Confusion
  3. “Testosterosis”
  4. Arrogance
  5. Scapegoating
  6. Media-Phobia
  7. Whining Parties

Click here to read Quinley’s full article.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those risk management team members in your organization.  And, in some cases for smaller companies in the private sector, PS-Prep strategy and business continuity planning groups could add this content to their library of available reference materials as well.

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