While creating a totally complete and comprehensive list of all risk related events that occurred in 2010 would be impossible, our staff believes that a story written by Jared Wade, Emily Hollbrook and Morgan O’Rourke, recently posted on the electronic version of Risk Management magazine does a good job of doing just that, and, is worth reading.

To read all of the stories of 2010 that defined the Year in Risk as defined by these writers above, please click here.

If you have a special story that you believe defined the Year 2010 in Risk, please share it with our readership.

Perhaps as your risk management teams begin to prepare for complying with PS-Prep requirements in 2011, you may want to pass this information to them for inclusion in their evaluation of disaster preparedness levels existing today in your organization, so that they can better mitigate risks in areas where changes are needed, and , improvements can be made in the business continuity planning process.

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