If you are a member of a business continuity planning, disaster preparedness or information security team group in your organization or local community, no doubt the topic of cyber security and the many reported incidents of breaches by hackers into nearly every level of concern, cause a strong bias of worry in your ongoing BC/DR or information security planning meetings.

In addition, any articles you may read today about cybersecurity debates, threats or policy will more than likely include strong bias of argument supporting a “prophecies of doom” approach including statements about an impending “Digital Pearl Harbor, a “cyber Katrina”, or even a “cyber 9/11”.

In an attempt to offer additional information to our readership and in order to represent a balanced resource of related ideas and observations regarding the topic of cybersecurity, our staff recommends the following cybersecurity related stories be included as additional preparatory reading resource materials for those planning team meetings :

Prophecies of Doom & the Politics of Fear in Cybersecurity Debates” written by Adam Thierer.

Cybersecurity or Censorship?  The Choice is Ours” written by Mike Streufert.

Cyber Security Tips” a series of related articles posted on the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team website.

If you are aware of any additional viewpoints or positions regarding this current topic of debate over cybersecurity issues and how to best address them as potential threats to our business or community, please share them with our readership.

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