Business continuity management team members must work very closely with their fellow internal corporate security team members concerning the recent activities and demonstrations by those supporting the “Open Carry” movement.  While we recognize that on the surface, it doesn’t sound like much of a traditional security issue, as much as it is politics/NRA/second amendment topic, the potential is that  it certainly can develop into a real challenge for corporate security managers in companies across the United States.

This topic was addressed very well in a recent article written by Goeff Kohl, Editor-in-Chief for the website.  While this topic has been debated for some time now, Mr. Kohl was motivated to write his article based on the fact that the open carry movement was now moving forward with demonstrations to more strongly express its principles on this matter.  This fact was clearly brought to his attention in an article published by The New York Times, on March 7, 2010 and titled “Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Caffeinate”.

 Bottom line is that for the corporate security manager, this movement may well have direct implications.  Certainly the presence of policies about guns on the premises of its business is just one of the issues that must be faced.  Then there is the difference in those policies between employees and customers on the premise.   In addition, the fact that Federal and State laws may well be in conflict with OSHA requirements to maintain a safe work environment is still another concern.

We believe that this issue is an important agenda item for all corporate security manager meetings.  And, in the event that further analysis may determine that a potential business disruption may occur from this issue, then this item should certainly be elevated to be discussed by all business continuity and risk management team members as well.

Click here to read Geoff Kohl’s complete article.

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