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If you have not visited the newest version of the website in a while and if you are looking for ideas to add to your family’s preparedness planning projects — then plan to visit this website soon.

Judging from some of the inputs from our readers, the new “KIDS” section is well worth the time to visit.

Click here  to help your family plan to deal with the potential disaster situations relevant to where they live, and where you work.

If you are involved with your company’s HR department, or your communities readiness and disaster preparedness planning teams, please pass this information along —the strongest support for a successful  business continuity plan is an employee or citizen who is confident that his or her own family’s preparedness plans are ready and tested to face a variety of disaster scenarios.

You may also wish to share this information with those PS-Prep strategy planning team members in the company where you work and the community where you live.

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