In a recent posting on the website, Albert Romano, has written an excellent article to help our readership observe the ongoing survey results regarding the topic, “PS-Prep – Is It Relevant?”  In addition, as a visitor to the website, you can also participate in the survey so that your position on this important private sector preparedness can be added to the real time measurement results of the survey.

Some of the early indications of the survey results show that most respondents are not as knowledgeable about the PS-Prep Program as they would like to be. Nonetheless, most respondents supported at least some elements of the program — but many believe that there are other elements that need to be reviewed and perhaps modified.

In Mr. Roman’s posting, he also states that “…Observations from this latest DP40 survey indicate that, although the majority of DomPrep40 members have heard about the PS-Prep Program, they are divided about the advantages and disadvantages of certification for participating organizations”.

The survey also suggests that more information about the PS-Prep Program is needed. Among the concerns raised were questions related to incentives for compliance, the risks posed by non-compliance, and the cost to businesses.

If you would like to view this posting to learn the results of the survey to date, please CLICK HERE.

If you find this information valuable, please pass it along to the PS-Prep, business continuity, disaster preparedness or crisis management team members in your organization.

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