As of today and as the comment period winds down for the Federal Register on the three standards selected for PS-Prep (National Fire Protection Association 1600: 2007, British Standard 25999-2:2007 and ASIS SPC.1-2009) —there is still much to do. 

This update will try to focus specifically on the ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) and what we see are the tasks at hand. 

From earlier web postings, we have been able to gather and summarize in our own words, the following lists of ANAB items, requirements and “to-do’s” to complete and support the PS-Prep program moving forward.  If you have additional information, please comment so we can keep the community as up to date as possible.

1.       The Accreditation Rule is still in a draft status.  The Committee of Experts needs to confirm
           the updated Accreditation Rule based on the final decision from DHS.  This Accreditation Rule is to
          inform certification bodies (CBs) of ANAB requirements for becoming accredited to offer
          certification for one or more of the selected standards under PS-Prep.

2.       Accreditation Council approval is still needed to distribute the draft Accreditation Rule for public

3.       A Training Program for the Certification Bodies / Auditors needs to be created.  The normal process is for ANAB  to release a formal Request for Proposal (RFP) to training providers.  An early RFP was released before the comment period had ended and was since retracted.  It is our hope that ANAB revises this new RFP to match existing training requirements and take into account many of the recommendations made to them by training providers.

4.       Create a Certifying Body application format and have it approved through an ANAB certified assessor
           review.  Then, once this application is approved into the document control system — have it released.

These are some critical “to-do’s” in the timing for the PS-Prep program to be fully functional. 

The accreditation rule is the driver for certifying bodies, auditors and assessors to know what the Program requirements will be to support PS-Prep.

Coming Soon: End of Comment Period – What’s Next?

This article was written by Sally A. Smoczynski, a contributing writer to this website.

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