The International Center for Enterprise Preparedness of New York University (INTERCEP) released updates to its workgroup findings, titled: Proceedings & Recommendations of the Working Group on Supply Chain Management &Resilience, wherein it acknowledges the influence of personal continuity.  CLICK HERE to read the full findings report. 

The reference to personal continuity within that report states, “….although the PS-Prep Certification program addresses organizational preparedness, integral upstream and downstream dependencies cross and blur the lines between public sector supply chains and private sector supply chains. Evaluation of other types of relationships, beyond the conventional organizational, company-to-company economic relationships may be necessary when evaluating preparedness. ‘

There are inherent linkages between organizational preparedness, personal preparedness (such as of employees) and community preparedness. 

As one participant noted: “… The issue of being prepared in a business means you have to be prepared at the individual and at the community level. If the schools are closed, if the gas stations are closed, if the roads are closed, I don’t care how well prepared your business is, you’re out of business.” 

We suggest passing this information along to those members in your organization who are responsible for business continuity, risk management or disaster preparedness. 

A strong message and theme which permeates this INTERCEP  report is that successful emergency management and resiliency planning and implementation depends on sound preparation in each of the following domains of preparedness:

  1. personal preparedness on the individual level,
  2. solid business continuity planning/preparedness on the corporate level,
  3. community preparedness
  4. local, state and federal government preparedness
  5. market infrastructure preparedness 

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