PS Prep Official Logo TrademarkedMany of our readers have asked for an update to this website’s PS-Prep Overview section.  We are happy to announce that the update is now released and available.


PS-Prep Overview

The PS-Prep Overview can be reached on the “PS-Prep” tab on the home page of this website or on the “PS-Prep” section under the “Business Continuity” tab on the home page.



One of the new additions to the information provided is a “PS-Prep Timeline”, which was made available to this website by Don Byrne, a major contributing writer and reporter for this website.  In trying to keep this timeline current, Mr. Byrne has requested input and comments from our readers, which he will then incorporate into future revisions.

Please pass this information along to the PS-Prep, business continuity, risk management or disaster preparedness team members in your organization.

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