It was recently announced that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has awarded a contract to update the web-based content of Ready Business — which is a part of the website — to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

For many of our readers who follow developments related to the PS-Prep program, this decision appears to have some relevance in that this effort by the NFPA will bring the content of Ready Business into alignment with the current (2010) edition of NFPA 1600 the Standard on Disaster/Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs, which addresses the concepts of business continuity and crisis management.  The FEMA Private Sector Preparedness Program, PS Prep, recognizes NFPA 1600 as a standard to which preparedness plans should be structured and measured.

NFPA president James Shannon said: “We are pleased that FEMA has again chosen to use NFPA 1600 as the basis for the content in Ready Business. It is a unique preparedness standard as it addresses both business continuity and protection of employees – businesses’ and communities’ most valuable resource.”


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