A recent article about PS-Prep was brought to our attention because of its unique claim that the PS-Prep program is an identifiable standard of care for legal purposes.  And, if ignored, this may become important evidence of a company’s negligence should a disaster occur that is directly related to the organization’s functions.  

This article was posted on the University of Maryland’s Center for Health and Homeland Security website.  The article was entitled, “PS-Prep: Better Late than Never for Private Sector Preparedness”. and written by Jessica Hurst.

There has obviously been much written and already much posted on this website, but, this article raises an interesting perception and approach to promoting the need to support PS-Prep.  

Our staff would like to hear from our readership regarding their position on the following statement made in this article — ” The private sector’s awareness and implementation of these voluntary standards is an important platform for developing both business continuity and liability protection.”

Please share your comments, and, to read the full article, please CLICK HERE.

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