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Since the recent announcement by ATT becoming the first company to certify under the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Program (PS-Prep) — many readers have been requesting more information updates regarding the progress of the PS-Prep program.

To attempt to address those requests, our staff would like to focus on one of the major areas currently under a lot of discussion in various PS-Prep related blogs.

Most of the postings reviewed center around an issue very well addressed in a recent article written by Luke Simpson, Continuity Insights Editor, where he states, “….unfortunately, PS-Prep is plagued by several technicalities that cause potential adopter’s eyes to glaze over faster than you can say “ANAB-accredited certifying body.”

More specifically, that Simpson is addressing a pressing issue which exists where companies — who may already have been certified through a third party to one of the three PS-Prep standards selected by DHS — are not yet able to be granted the PS-Prep because of an ongoing and yet to be settled decision regarding a certifying body’s (CB) accreditation status.

Click here to read more about Simpson’s interview with Tim Mathews, Director of Enterprise Resiliency at ETS, and how this CB accreditation issue relates to his company – as well as his opinions about how PS-Prep can shore up supply chains, the Wal-Mart effect, and the special consideration for small businesses.

Continuity Insights remains an often referenced source by this website to deliver current input about developments in PS-Prep program matters.

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