By: Lisa DuBrock, Contributing Editor

A wise woman once told me, “People learn in different ways”. Perhaps there is some meaning for PS-Prep in that statement.

To date, much has been said about FEMA’s PS-Prep Program since its inception a little over two (2) years ago, and much has been left for either further interpretation or expectation of more details and information to follow….

And, given the magnitude of the PS-Program, it is easy to understand where professionals and non-professionals alike are raising concerns and even skepticism over the many issues and ongoing open questions about this program.

From the many personal inquiries that I’ve received, along with those presented by the readership of the website, and in an effort to provide that readership with another  understanding of what PS-Prep is, here is a link to a new article recently written by Brian Zawada, Director of Consulting Services, for the Avalution Consulting Group, entitled PS-Prep: Myth or Fact.

What I particularly like about this article is the table that encompasses the middle 1/3 of the article.  It clearly lays out many of the questions and comments I hear everyday with regards to PS-Prep.

Hopefully as the program matures, some of the questions cited in this article will be settled.  However, it is also likely that new questions will be asked as well.

It is our intent to keep our readers updated with the latest information regarding PS-Prep, and to accurately present what is being said at conferences and on blog sites across the country on this topic.  With that knowledge, better decisions can be and will be made regarding whether or not PS-Prep can bring value to your organization.

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